Question One

Thanks for doing the AMA @Craig Campbell SEO here’s my questions! 

1 – What’s the current best way to rank YouTube videos? 

2 – What’s your thoughts on CTR manipulation and have you successfully implemented it?

3 – What do you think of the December core algo update and have you seen many major shifts?


So for me Youtube is all about CTR and Engagement, the more people watching your videos and watching them in great depth, commenting, liking and all of that stuff really does carry you a long way on youtube. Of course your Title of the video needs to be targeting a keyword that is going to bring in some traffic and encourage some clicks, but its that engagement that helps a lot. Dont always thing bots, ive been using my emailing list, push notifications, organic social media audience, alongside some facebook ads, youtube ads and ads on Quora to try and get that engagement, but the icing on the cake can be & Microworkers just to ensure it all goes well. 

2. Yes ive played around a lot with CTR manipulation over the past year, ive found that a lot of the bots or traffic networks dont always provide the best results which is why im utilising my own assets such as my mailing list, push notifications etc. CTR i have played with on Youtube but also tested it on GMB’s and Organic Landing pages and all have been very successful. I also had Holly Starks using her set up to rank my podcast well on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and again that was a massive success using CTR. So across the board there is a lot of benefit in implementing CTR into. your campaigns over and above whatever it takes to rank, whether thats GMB, Organic or any other platform. 

3. The December Algo update has impacted a lot of people, everyone ive spoken to has had some kind of impact. When looking at the likes of Ahrefs for example we see fairly big dips in traffic, now i know people have dropped a ton of keywords, but i think that a lot of people ranked for a bunch of keywords which were loosely related to their niches, and the actual dip in converting traffic hasnt had the same impact. But yes many affiliates have seen an impact. But when you analyse it, poor onpage, poor topical clustering, pretty much all of the sites that tank, do have average at best seo. People must do better.

Question Two

Hi @Craig Campbell SEO 

what are your feelings on Google’s push in recent years for EAT? Is it a real thing or really just a smoke screen to get you to not focus on links as much?


Hey Brock, i fully understand EAT when it comes to the medic niche, we cant have some random headless profile handing out medical advice online, but i do think there is so many websites in general out there that EAT is and will become more important. Google has got to be able to flush out the trash so to speak and as a result i do think they will for sure look at EAT more as we go. 

Is it really important in other niches, I dont think so for now, but i do think there is potential for that to be the case and personally im working hard on that side of things as i think its the right thing to do anyway, more exposure and building more trust by demonstrating knowledge in your field regardless of what you do. 

But you know what Google are like, its always about releasing information to mislead or scare people into another way of thinking/working. But if i was advising anyone i would say try and become an authority in your niche it wont do any harm anyway.

Question Three

@Craig Campbell SEO

whats your income split/time split between affilate , client , youtube ect… What do you see your self prioritisng in next few years


Hey Tom, So i do 50% own an agency that does client work, but i literally spend 0% of my time working on that, i have a team and a business partner that run that, but the income there basically pays for the team i have in Glasgow, so it basically pays for itself. 

Im pretty much probably 50/50 on Affiliate and Personal projects that I own, non seo related sites, ive two ecom sites that really are my bread and butter and affiliate pays for holidays and some fun stuff. YouTube really doesnt pay well at all, it isnt making as much money as you might think, i do that to give back to the community more than a money making scheme . 

I like helping others get exposure too, showcasing clever people with tools or processes but i really dont earn more than 1k per month on Youtube. 

I think over the next few years I will launch another couple of personal projects and continue with the Youtube/Podcast thing as i like doing that and helping others in the community get exposure and grow. Im trying to slightly step back from slinging SEO, and become more of a Marketer and talk more about business and the paid side too rather than just slinging SEO around all of the time. So that will be the main focus for me i think.

Question Four

@Craig Campbell SEO

What is the best optimized wordpress theme you can recommend ?


On wordpress i personally use the genisus theme which has been customised, I’ve had that a few years and it has done me well. 

But i know many others are using a customise Oxygen theme, theres less bloat on here, but its not as easy as some of the other drag and drop templates. 

so Oxygen would probably be the best just now. I did have a new one made on Oxygen, but ive taken it down for now and will be doing a bit more work on it before reuploading it. But that for me is the best one around just now.

Question Five

@Craig Campbell SEO

What are your three best techniques for improving the performance of a WordPress site? 


haha just to be clear, im really shit at development but a few things you can do are, use WP Rocket to increase your speed a little, ive been using Link Whisper which is a internal linking plugin that helps you save so much time on that side of things, as most people get lazy and sloppy on that front including myself so that is a great little tool. 

But thats just two, you dont want to be over reliant on plugins, over and above that a nice security plugin is always going to be beneficial, wordfence the premium version works well for me. But the rest of your websites performance are based on content, links and better onpage as im sure you know.

Question Six

@Craig Campbell SEO

Using shopify for my ecommerce stores, after basic seo is done like meta, titles etc do you have any recommendations on some more advanced effective onsite changes for ecommerce in the 80/20?


Andy, im not that experienced with Shopfiy, some stuff may have changed since i last played around with it, when i was using it, i didnt find it that SEO friendly and even now, i have friends who use it for its ecomm functionality, on a subdomain like and have a wordpress site on the front end. 

The problem with shopify is that you couldnt when i checked do anything else other than what you have done which is basic onsite changes. You dont have access to the robots.txt file, you cant impact site speed due to lack of server access so there isnt much you can do over and above what you have done. 

They do have amazing upsell options and the functionality of the site in general is a lot better than it used to be, but i would always use the functions and use something else for the front end like wordpress. 

You have a forced URL structure, no robots txt access, you cant add custom fields and another number of things that i would rather not be so restricted on.

Question Seven

@Craig Campbell SEO

Do you recommend some AI software for text generator?


i have played around with menterprise and many others, whilst nothing is perfect just yet it will all need for form of process for editing, does a decent enough job for PBN’s etc but im still using cost effective content writers for now on my money sites. is a decent option for you.

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